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Glenn Steen glenn.steen at GMAIL.COM
Thu Dec 1 10:06:55 GMT 2005

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On 01/12/05, Peter Russell <pete at enitech.com.au> wrote:
> Many thanks again for your help i really appreciate it.
> I have run out of time so i simply need to build the maps manually and
> come back to them later to automate and simply.
> As i will building them manually (mail merge) I think i will do
> something simple like;
> /pete at .*domain1.tld/ pete1 at domain3.tld
> This should handle any subs for domain1 ?
> Thanks again
> Pete
Yes, although I'd really recommend that you make it a bit more specific:

/^pete at .*domain1\.tld/ pete1 at domain3.tld

the "^" to anchor the test at the begining of the address tested
(makes the RE faster, and less prone to errors, like matching both
"pete" and "compete"), whic the "\." is a literal dot (instead of a
dot matching any character).

Hope this works out well for you.
-- Glenn
email: glenn < dot > steen < at > gmail < dot > com
work: glenn < dot > steen < at > ap1 < dot > se

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