Clustering MS

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Tue Aug 30 10:58:07 IST 2005


>> Buy the professional version.

> "Cluster" is a relative term:-). There's some info in the wiki.... Like
> .... And something in the MailWatch package about that (mainly having
> a nonlocal DB, correct settings for xml-rpc to work etc etc:-).
> Simplistically you could keep the plaintext config files in sync with
> any tool ... like rsync...

Sure, but there is a product doing that, the things you mentioned. If you 
have the cashflow to make 2 datacenters you most likely can send some 
towards Julian by supporting the product. You can also do some rsync trics 
but most likely you have to figure that out ytourself.


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