Beat 4.45.3 -- Re: Resending [Phishing net and international characters]

David Lee t.d.lee at DURHAM.AC.UK
Tue Aug 30 10:47:12 IST 2005

On Mon, 29 Aug 2005, Denis Beauchemin wrote:

> [...]
> PS: I've noticed that the 'Web Bug from ' text is hardcoded into; 
> How about giving us the chance to translate it into our own language?  In 
> French, I would translate it to: 'Pixel invisible de '.

The principle (allowing translation) of this text seems decent enough.

But is Denis's actual translation of this text the most appropriate? 
Julian's phrase is about "bugs in the web", whereas Denis's is about the 
"invisibility of pixels".  Those operate at different conceptual levels 
(whether these instances map onto each other is a secondary issue).

Shouldn't we keep the translations at the same level?  (Principle.)

Assuming that the translations should convey information at the same 
level, in as close a manner is as reasonable achievable, then what do we 
do about this particular case?  Let's look at them (staying in English for 
the moment):

1. "Web Bug from":  Personally, I have always found that text somewhat 
strange; not immediately obvious to the recipient of the email.  It raises 
the question: "_What_ is a 'web bug'?"

2. But Denis's (English-equivalent) "Invisible Pixel from" also feels 
inadequate.  It raises the question for the recipient: "_Why_ is an 
'invisible pixel' a problem?"

And in the future, "web bugs" other than "invisible pixels" may emerge
and need reporting.

Staying in English, i.e. within one langauge, so that we can get the 
semantics sorted out.  Should this text be something like:
     "Web Bug (invisible pixel) from".

Then, after that question is resolved, we can begin to think about actual 
translation into other languages (subject to what I believe linguists 
describe as "to translate is to betray", itself an English (from Latin) 
translation (and betrayal!) of much finer-sounding transliteration "to 
translate is to traduce").


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