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> Hi
> I'm trying to get MSGateway to accept iframe mails but I cannot figure
> where to set this directly in the conf-files or is it in the LDAP setup?
> Setting this using the webinterface does not work.
> Mvh
> Jan


I'm very sorry for the very late reply but please address any future queries
regarding SMGateway directly to me and not the MailScanner list. 

There will be a new release of the product very soon which should address
this issue. 

We expect to release version 1.8 in early September which will bring all
included applications up to their very latest versions and add the
functionality and features included in the latest versions. All of the HTML
configuration items will also allow rulesets in version 1.8

Look for announcement early next week on the release schedule and other
issues. I'll make sure that you are on the announce list. 

Best regards, 


Stephen Swaney
Fort Systems Ltd.
stephen.swaney at

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