TNEF still a problem?

Bill McGonigle bill at BFCCOMPUTING.COM
Thu Aug 11 18:43:23 IST 2005

On Aug 8, 2005, at 05:34, Nigel kendrick wrote:

> I just noticed that the same 9 emails were getting processed (archived 
> and
> blacklist checked) by MailScanner (4.44.6) in a loop without actually 
> being
> submitted for virus scanning and further processing/delivery.
> I also saw the list messages here about issues with TNEF and, lo, one 
> of the
> MailScanner messages in the 'loop' referred to expanding a TNEF file. 
> I set
> 'Expand TNEF = yes' to 'no' and things got moving again (with some very
> hefty 'delay=' values - i.e.: delay=22295!!!)
> Other mail was being delivered during this period but obviously this 
> needs a
> fix. I notice Julian posted a TNEF patch - has this been tried by 
> anyone
> else yet and (noob hat on...) how do I apply it??

FWIW, I switched to the external tnef processor on a troubled machine 
and 30 messages blazed by that were chewing up the CPU previously.


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