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Drew Marshall drew at THEMARSHALLS.CO.UK
Sat Apr 30 20:17:00 IST 2005

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Stephen Swaney wrote:

 Yes that really helps a lot, thanks!

And same thing here no mailboxes on the server. So guess I'll get to
hopping and install MailScanner and see how it does.

I was jusy a little leary of running it with all the list and having
good list mail be tagged as spam. But this gives me a bit of
encouragement to run this on it.


 Just create a rule set for Use Spam Assassin =

Form:       no
FromOrTo:       default yes


The other method if your Mailman box just looks after the lists and not
relaying for other clients/ boxes is to set up a second MTA instance
listening on and point mailman to relay through it (Avoiding
MailScanner on the out going side). After all the overhead with list
management is not the single incoming message (Which you will scan for
spam and viruses) but the exploded recipients, which you need to relay as
quickly as possible.

If this doesn't suit then a 'standard' MailScanner install will work fine
but ruleset the spam scanning so not to spam scan the out going mail (As
this is the time consuming and CPU intensive bit of what MS does. This is
how I'm running mailman myself!).

Depending on the number of lists and in turn number of recipients you may
want to look at an MTA with a decent queue handler that can manage to
relay by grouped domains in single SMTP sessions, for example.

My 2p worth (If indeed valued that highly!).


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