Stray processes on Debain Sarge

Donovan Jones d.jones at FX.NET.NZ
Wed Apr 20 01:11:45 IST 2005


I have 2 mailscanner boxes running on Debian sarge. All software is
currently up to date with whats in sarge, versions are:

razor 2.670-1
pyzor 0.4.0+cvs20030
dcc 1.2.74-2
f-prot 0.5.14
spamassassin 3.0.2-1
mailscanner 4.40.11-1
exim 4.50-4

on both boxes I am having the same problems with stray processes.

I have hundreds of pyzor processes that have not been killed:

mf1:~# ps auxww | grep pyzor | wc -l

each one is keeping a UDP port open (lsof -i output):

pyzor   30845 Debian-exim    3u  IPv4 3426743       UDP *:60561

I am not getting spamassassin timeouts and I am getting PYZOR_CHECK
matches in my spamassassin reports so pyzor is working but some
processes don't seem to be killed.

The other problem is MailScanner processes that chew up 100% CPU time.
These are long running processes that need to be killed manually and
occur once every few days.

Are these known issues? Does anyone else see the same behavior on Debian
Sarge? What is the fix? Is there a monitor script I can use or should I
write my own to kill Mailscanner and pyzor processes older than an hour

Help appreciated

Donovan Jones

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