MailScanner notifies recipients even with Sender Notify off

A. Sajjad Zaidi sajjad at IINIX.COM
Fri Oct 15 17:35:31 IST 2004

Hi all,

I've recently installed MailScanner (4.34.8) on a Solaris system with
ClamAV 0.80r3 and two processes of Exim 4.43, as per instructions. Exim
is currently running on port 26 until the setup is ready to replace the
old Sendmail configuration.

Everything seems to be working fine; legitimate messages get delivered,
viruses and attachments with bad extensions are stopped, but in case of
the latter, a notice is always sent to the recipient.

It's understandable if it goes to the sender when 'Notify Senders' is
on, which it does, but it doesn't make sense to notify the recipient as
well. The notice gets sent regardless of what 'Notify Senders' or the
other notification settings are set to.

I have looked through the MailScanner configuration, but couldn't find
any other setting that may be causing this to happen.

Hope someone here has a simple solution to this.

Best regards,
A. Sajjad Zaidi            
GnuPG Key ID: 0xD7AD0E13

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