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At 17:07 15/10/2004, you wrote:
>Good day:
>I had sent previously but missed the reply, if any.
>We have an application where we would need to have the following to occur:
> >From * ,
>Copy that entire SMTP message to /anypath/
>Put a file to /anypath/MESSAGEREF.add which contains each recipient of the
>message on a separate line.
>Also, the message should stop there, i.e. not be sent out, as the processing
>we have on those messages, will anylize then send those.
>Is there any way that MailScanner can be set up to do this?

You would probably need to write a Custom Function to do this, and probably
attach it to the "non-spam actions" configuration option. This could test
for the * and write out the message in the files you want.

The alternative would be to archive mail using "Archive Mail" and a
ruleset, then have a cron job that ran every 5 or 10 minutes and processed
the archive entries to generate the processed data you want, then deleted
the original archive files so it didn't process the same mail twice.
Julian Field
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