MS 4.35.11 and Notification about bad file name (bad attchment)

Magda Hewryk MHewryk at SYMCOR.COM
Mon Nov 29 08:29:32 GMT 2004


I've upgraded MS from 4.31.6 to the newest 4.35.11 and all work fine except
the Notification to the user about the bad attachment (bad file name).
This is not sent out at all.

I've checked the maillog log and I can say that the mail is scanned, the
zip/jpeg file is detected (we deny them) and the attachment is quarantined.
All works OK as usual.

However, no message is sent to the user about the attachment removal.   The
notification message is sent to the Postmaster with a great/new  Subject
line but I can't get anything to be sent to the recipient.

I have to try to re-compile v. 4.31.6 again and cross my fingers for no
errors.   I need to put into the production again.

I know that this is not a problem with the MailScanner.conf file because I
stopped a daemon and started running with the old one and got the same
results.  It must be something else I'm missing here.

Any hints?

Many thanks.

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