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William Burns William.Burns at AEROFLEX.COM
Thu Nov 25 17:00:27 GMT 2004

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paddy wrote:

>On Tue, Nov 23, 2004 at 11:46:00AM -0500, William Burns wrote:
>>Mail sent from " at" AND "lname at" is
>>associated w/ a mailbox named "lname". I had to do a bunch of manual
>>configs to get the outbound recip. address written to the right
>>local-user database/file. That way, procmail could check one file for
>>the "lname" user at delivery time.
>I'm impressed.  I have a growing list of uses for a piece of code that
>does a reasonable job of mapping email address to user and vice versa,
>and I suspect I would find something very useable in webmin already,
>but I've not got around to it yet.  For this CF I've just tried to
>do the simplest thing possible.
You mean mapping aliases to a single user, or a user to all his

Assuming that aliases aren't a problem, and finding correspondants is
the problem....
Parsing log files would have been nearly as effective as the technique
that I used.
My only advantage was that an address was harvested immediately, so that
if I sent a message out to a new recipient, and they replied
immediately, their address would have been in my whitelist already.
(I'm assuming that webmin would be parsing log files)

As for finding aliases, that mainly means combing the config files,
databases, maps, etc, that an MTA uses for routing and delivering local
 From the point of view of a gateway w/ no access to these files, I'm
not sure how the alias problem could be "100%" solved, or that this
problem even needs to be solved.

>For this kind of whitelisting it strikes me that the desired effect
>need not stop at correspondent to correspondent.  Some organisations
>might wish to have returns whitelisted to the whole of their domain,
>and it might be possible to have domain to domain whitelisting,
>if one could avoid whitelisting domains like ...
>This is why I was thinking about hooking the whitelisting effect in
>through spamassassin scores - so that these effects could be implemented
>as functions, and the weightings for parameters found by trial and error.
>Whether I'll ever get that far is another matter :)

You're looking to get spamassasin doing domain-to-domain whitelisting
based on historic spam scores?
Interesting... I did that w/ more manual configs. (key vendors,
customers, etc.)

W/ domains like yahoo, I've had the problem of legit. mailing lists,
where the "from" address is not consistent.
To deal w/ this, I gave users the ability to whitelist e-mail address
"suffixes". That way, in the most common case where a number is
pre-pended to an otherwise consistent address, the user can still get
this mail whitelisted.
On the other hand, users find having to manually use a seperate
"suffix"  feature to be tedious. Usage has been low.


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