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Steen, Glenn Glenn.Steen at AP1.SE
Thu Nov 25 16:02:01 GMT 2004

Hi Steve,

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> Behalf Of Steve Evans

> Currently I send all spam to a local mailbox and then I retrieve them
> via pop.  What I'd like to do is have a shell script delete mail over
> n days.  Anyone know how to do this?  The only thing I could think of
> was to roll the mbox file like you would logs.  But that seems messy
> you ever have to retrieve something via pop3.

Hm, why do you do that? Anything wrong with storing them (employing the
"forward to /dev/null to get virus scanning too" thing) so that your
problem becomes a simple shellscript to maintain the quarantine instead?

I'm sure one could cook something up with formail/procmail too, or use
a maildir-based MUA and some not to trivial script, but it'd be simpler
just use the quarantine instead of reinventing it in a "pop guise";-).

-- Glenn

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