New release of Vispan

Marcel Blenkers marcel-ml at IRC-ADDICTS.DE
Thu Nov 25 16:01:39 GMT 2004

Hi there,

> I have just released Version 2 of Vispan. The major change in this
> version is to provide the ability to block the sending IP addresses
> using iptables at the firewall instead of the access file at the MTA
> level. The original functionality of blocking in the access file still
> remains - it is all conbfigurable from the config file.

just downloaded the latest release and i have to admit i am using it for
the first time.

In my MS-Conf i am using the following virus-tools:

Virus Scanners = clamav antivir f-prot bitdefender

and this is my entry with Vispan.conf:

Scanner = antivir clamav bitdefender f-prot mailscanner

But..if i click on config nothing about antivir is found..might be

but the virus-mail, which i am sending to my account and which is only
catched by antivir does not get into the vispan-report.

What should i do here?

Any Ideas?



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