'DoD detected!' prohibits mailprocessing

Julian Field mailscanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Fri Nov 19 10:11:16 GMT 2004

Start by running the virus scanner by hand. Why has it suddenly started
doing this? Are there any particular messages in the incoming queue which
have been sitting there for a long time? You may have hit some problem with
the virus scanner.

To help you more, we are going to need a whole lot more information...

Once you get this sorted, if you have a large incoming queue then
MailScanner will automatically switch into "emergency queue-clearing mode"
which stops it doing loads of directory traversals and should clear the
backlog quite happily.

On 19/11/04 9:56 am, "Hartmut Goebel" <h.goebel at GOEBEL-CONSULT.DE> wrote:
> on one of the systems I'm in charage off, I get 'Denial Of Service
> detected!' messages in the mail-log. Unfortunatly this seams to prohibit
> all otehr MailScanning.
> How can I find out, what the reason for this DoD is?
> I already increased the "Virus Scanning Timeout" to 10 Minutes, but this
> does not help. I also radically reduced 'Max Unsafe' and 'Max Unscanned
> Bytes per Scan'. No change, except of smaller batches.
> For me it does not look like MailScanner is scanning other messages
> then. But I'm not sure. There is no log-entry about this, neither about
> the files causing the DoD. MailScanner just says 'Scanner timed out' and
> 'Denial Of Service detected!', but nothing about new batches. When I
> look at 'ps ax', I see that the Virus Scanner is started again (new
> process ID), but nothing happens.
> How can I find out what happens here?
> How can I make MailScanner scan and deliver other messages, esp. the
> small ones first?

Julian Field
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