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Dean Liversidge dean at MYSTERIOUSPLANET.CO.UK
Thu Nov 18 08:24:35 GMT 2004

On Tue, 16 Nov 2004 07:57:52 -0600, you wrote:

>Would it be good to just do an LDAP pull rather than a SQL pull?
>My setup is quite different I am sure. But if anyone has a easy
>We are trying to validate users from 
>5 - 6 exchange servers and an Imail server. 
>Once the validation is done, then we will scan and relay to those
>servers based on ip addresses. 
> Is anyone else doing something like this?

We used to use a dynamic LDAP lookup to exchange from our sendmail
boxes, which worked great, until one day we had a problem with the
LDAP on exchange, and the whole thing came crashing to a halt, and
rejected everyone.

So although the dynamic ability of LDAP maps in sendmail is great, we
needed to weigh that up again the loss if it broke again.
Intead I created for a few scripts that runs via cron to extract all
the users from active directory via LDAP, and create a static alias
file whcih are syncronised accross multiple sendmail servers, which
gave us a bit of both dynamic updates, and security from failure.

Dean Liversidge

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