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Dean Liversidge wrote:
| On Tue, 16 Nov 2004 07:57:52 -0600, you wrote:
|>Would it be good to just do an LDAP pull rather than a SQL pull?
|>My setup is quite different I am sure. But if anyone has a easy
|>We are trying to validate users from
|>5 - 6 exchange servers and an Imail server.
|>Once the validation is done, then we will scan and relay to those
|>servers based on ip addresses.
|>Is anyone else doing something like this?
| We used to use a dynamic LDAP lookup to exchange from our sendmail
| boxes, which worked great, until one day we had a problem with the
| LDAP on exchange, and the whole thing came crashing to a halt, and
| rejected everyone.
I assume that you set the `bounce` instead of the `passthru`option and
had no local (aliases/users) whatever :)

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