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Ugo Bellavance ugob at CAMO-ROUTE.COM
Wed Nov 10 14:24:43 GMT 2004

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Dave Filchak wrote:
> My question really was whether or not MailScanner might be stopping the auto
> response from being sent to the original sender from the vacation program.
> Or maybe not MailScanner but perhaps ClamAV. Vacation is not complicated to
> set up and it was working fine. However, I have upgraded MailScanner and
> associated programs a number of times over the last little while and now I
> cannot seem to get the program to send out an auto response so I thought
> there was a possibility of trouble with Clam or something. However, there is
> no indication in the logs as to what might be happening so I was wondering
> if anyone experienced issues with vacation and the MailScanner suite of
> programs. I am just fishing here trying to figure out what the hell is going
> on.

What you can do is make a ruleset that bypasses Spam tests for messages
coming from the server,  You could whitelist it instead.

As long as auto-replies don't contain attachments or HTML it shouldn't
be caught the security checks of MailScanner.

Hope this answers your question, but for sure you should test it before
putting it in production, like anything.


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