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Tue Nov 9 19:42:25 GMT 2004

On Tue, 9 Nov 2004 08:24:47 +0100, Jan-Peter Koopmann
<Jan-Peter.Koopmann at SECEIDOS.DE> wrote:

>And all some other guys are doing is contributing in that they are say
>they never had these kinds of problems with the other MTAs you

And I appreciate that. Some of the feedback though led me to think that
perhaps some of you believed I was trying to convince the listmembers to all
switch to zmailer, as it appeared sendmail was being defended. All I was
trying to do was assure everyone that I was not trying to sway anyone
towards zmailer, but that I was simply posting my obeservations. I didn't
want to come across as 'preachy'. :)

I realize that few if anyone else has seen the performance problems that I
have, and perhaps that is because I am running MS/SA in a gateway
environment. The manner in which I run MS/SA increases the MTA load due to
the fact that my server has no local mailboxes; every message that is
accepted must be sent on to another smtp server, so there are double the MTA
transactions; one in and one out.

Sorry about not being able to report on postfix. It would indeed have been
nice to have been able to provide a comparison across all MTAs. After I
tried exim, I next went to zmailer for the simple reason that it is
advertised as being focused on high volumn sites.


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