FW: Whines about ClamAV version after upgrade

Michael St. Laurent mikes at HARTWELLCORP.COM
Tue Nov 9 19:44:27 GMT 2004

Michael St. Laurent <> wrote:
> Howdy,
> I just upgraded ClamAV to version 0.80 and MailScanner to version
> 4.35.11.  Now I'm seeing messages in the maillog that read: "ClamAV
> Perl module must be at least version 0.12 and you only have version
> 0.08, and ClamAV must be at least version  0.80"
> I take this to mean that I need to upgrade the ClamAV module for
> Perl.  I'm trying to do this but the server it's trying to access
> (carroll.cac.psu.edu) appears to be restricting the number of
> connections and I can't get on.  Is there some way to tell it to use
> another server for the module source?

Answering my own post here... It finally got through but then it informed me
that the version I already have installed (0.08) is current.  Aparently I
need to do something special to get 0.12 installed?

Michael St. Laurent
Hartwell Corporation

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