Spamassissin compleatly ballsed - what to do?

Ugo Bellavance ugob at CAMO-ROUTE.COM
Tue Nov 9 19:29:05 GMT 2004

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Colin Alston wrote:
> Colin Alston wrote:
>> My spamassissin is compleatly stuffed.
>> I dont really know when or how it happend, possibly someone did a
>> package upgrade without informing me - these things happens.
>> X-Slipgate-MailScanner: Found to be clean
>> X-Slipgate-MailScanner-SpamCheck: not spam, SpamAssassin (timed out)
> Seems people got compleatly hung up by a mistake in my message and to be
> honest I'm not all that impressed with the attitude I recived. I'll try
> to clear things up.

We can only work with the information you gave us.

> Nothing changed in the load of the machine - infact its gone down quite
> significantly (probably since the checking is failing). Even dropped
> MailWatch to see if that would help - to no avail.
> I am not using RBL's.
> As for the MAQ on optimizing SA the only thing that is not accounted for
> already (most by Debian defaults) is DCC and I'm rather hesitant on that.
> To give an idea on the machine I'll copy the template from the MAQ
> *Hardware*: Celeron 1.8 Ghz , 512MB RAM, one 80GB IDE drive
> *Software*: Debian SID (2.4.26 Kernel), Postfix, Spamassasin, MailWatch
> *RBLs*: none
> *Virus Scanners*: ClamAV.
> *Volume*: 250 to 500 messages/day (through MailScanner, relayed messages
> diverted)
> *Average Load: *0 to 1
> Things more along the lines of what I was thinking was that Spamassassin
> got upgraded because I heve been told that the new versions are "a mess".

Did you disable network tests in Spamassin? (RBLS, DCC, pyzor, razor).
if you didn't, they're enabled by default, so you might get an
occasionnal SpamAssassin timeout.

What is the frequency of your timeout?

You should do the debugging procedure to find out:

- kill MailScanner processes, to leave only your MTA working, let
messages come in.
- Enable debug in MailScanner.conf, enable Spamassassin debug as well
- use the "check_MailScanner" command to start MailSCanner again and
check the output to diagnose.


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