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Marco Benton marco at XSSNET.COM
Sat Nov 6 04:41:11 GMT 2004

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Alan wrote:

>I'm running:
>But again, please note that my throughput and server load have NEVER been
>due to MS/SA. Whenever I had a large backlog in the incoming queue, if I
>shut down all the MTA processes, then MS/SA would scream through the queue
>just fine. The load has always been due to the resources taken by the MTAs.
>In any case, my point was simply that out of the available MTAs, I have seen
>a drastic performance improvement when using zmailer vs sendmail and exim.

have you tried configuring Sendmail to not fork off a process for each
message?  might slow sendmail down a bit but you wont use up all your

i think the is redundant if you are using spamcop RBL's.


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