Off Topic: Eudora connection time outs

Tom Combs combs at
Mon Nov 1 18:06:16 GMT 2004


 Excuse me for posting a non-mailscanner question here but I'm desperate
 and respect the amount of knowlegde on this list.

 I've just upgraded to a new email server and now Eudora clients are
 getting 10060 connection time out errors on a regular bases. I see
 no sendmail, imap, pop or OS errors and the system isn't even breaking
 a sweat with the load staying under 1.0. I've check the Advanced network
 settings in Eudora and the time outs are set to 300 and the buffer size
 is set to 4096.

 The server is a Dell Power Edge 1750 with dual Xeons running RedHat Ent.
 Linux V3, sendmail 8.13.1, UW imap 2004a, MailScanner 4.34.8-4, SA 3.0.

 Only Eudora is getting the time outs with all other clients working fine.

 Has anyone seen this problem before and can tell me how to fix it?

 TIA.  --Tom Combs

Tom Combs                                      E-mail: combs at
National High Magnetic Field Laboratory        Phone:  (850) 644-1657
1800 E. Paul Dirac Drive                       Tallahassee, FL 32310

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