Mailscanner plus SpamAssassin and CRM114

Pete pete at
Mon Mar 29 14:25:59 IST 2004

Martin Hepworth wrote:

>>I have recently discovered CRM114 ( which
>>claims and does produce very accurate results.  Using the distributed
>>learnt files, it was almost 100% accurate.
That isnt quite what it claims, and it really only makes claims o being
more accurate when used in conjuctiohn with anothyer bayesian filter -
eg SpamAssassin.

They say the difference in accuracy between crm and an alternative "the
same margin as a light beer has less calories than a heavy beer" they
talk of bayes being 99.94% accurate and SA being 99.9% - so TINY! <<has some good bullet point
style info

So its not a replacement but an addon it would seem.

>>Obviously I would like to integrate this into my Mailscanner setup.
>>I can potentially do it by adding a stage before MS but I was
>>wondering if there might be a better way?  Unfortunately I cannot
>>find one as I can find no way to make MS or SA call a program to
>>check for spam.  Before I try to add such a mechanism, I thought I
>>would ask here to see if anyone else could think of a route.

This is the postfix howto

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