[I KNOW THIS ISN'T RELATED BUT I'M POSTING IT ANYWAY] Decomissioning a DNS anti-spam list

InvictaWiz Customer Support martyn at invictawiz.com
Sat Mar 20 11:28:04 GMT 2004

It just goes to show what a little bit of forward planning can do.
A domain name costs a few pounds per year to register, they could have had monkeysbl.com and
monkeys.com. Then, to get rid of the problem, you just drop monkeysbl.com. The good part of that
method is that any further dns lookups could end up hit ting verisign/netsol dns instead.


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On Mar 19, 2004, at 11:42 PM, Mike Zanker wrote:

> On 19 March 2004 22:01 -0500 Chris Sweeney <csweeney at OSUBUCKS.ORG>
> wrote:
>> Why not just remove the DNS entries from his server so people won't
>> be using his system.  IE remove *.relays.monkeys.com from his DNS so
>> it just doesn't resolve?
> Because of the way that recursive DNS queries work. His DNS server(s)
> still have to be queried to find out that it doesn't resolve.

Unless he does away with the entire domain (de-list his DNS servers
from the server list for that domain, stop serving monkeys.com
entirely).  The problem there, of course, is that he may still be
wanting to use the non relays.monkeys.com parts of the domain.  But the
only way I really see he can stop the problem is to remove his DNS
servers from the domain registration for monkeys.com.

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