MailScanner not working after computer lockup

Rob Freeman sysadmin at FLEETONE.COM
Tue Mar 16 22:52:54 GMT 2004

I have the latest stable version of mailscanner install, but my server
locked up and now I can not get it to work.  For some reason, it is denying
access to all my users, I get a message of :

Relaying denied for rcpt user at for every message now.

I checked the /etc/mail/access and have relay access for that domain.  The
/etc/host file looks good.

I did notice another message in the /var/log/maillog about not being able to
bind to opendaemonsocket, and I looked throught the archives about sendmail
running, the chkconfig for that is off and has been for a while, but it
almost seems like sendmail is taking over.  If I restart MailScanner, then I
get the message of:

SYSERR:  No such file /var/run/

I have tried running the ps auxww to kill everything sendmail and restarting
MailScanner with no luck again.

I will keep on looking at the archives for more info, but I am at a loss on
why this is happening right now.


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