Server Spec for MailScanner

Garry Glendown garry at GLENDOWN.DE
Sun Mar 7 06:39:58 GMT 2004

Marco Obaid wrote:
> Quoting Pete <pete at>:
>>For 6k - 9k emails per day, running Clamav and etrust would something
>>like a Proliant ML370 2 x P3 800/1GB RAM and scsi HDD running either
>>suse or red hat 9 (my FreeBSd skills are not sufficient for this yet) be
>>enough horsepower?
> You should be fine for that load. 6k - 9k messags is a light load.
> I would get more RAM if I were you. It is cheap and DOES make a difference.
>  Alternately our vendor has a single Ml310 P2.8 /1GB

We are at the moment running a single Celeron 2.2GHz SuSE w/512MB RAM
and 2x IDE drive with software RAID1 ... machine is usually in the range
of .1-.2 load average ... running the current MailScanner w/ F-Prot and
ClamAV ... (adding Clam added somewhere around .05-.1 to the load
average). Currently, the machine is running spam&AV tests for something
like 20-30k emails on weekdays ...


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