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At 13:45 04/03/2004, you wrote:
>Spicer, Kevin said:
> > Drew Marshall wrote:
> >> All
> >>
> >> It looks like I have managed to get myself a little confused. It seems
> >> like Julian's update virus scanner script automatically runs as some
> >> form of automated 'cron' job. I assumed that I needed to run it from
> >> cron, so now have my av scanners updating extremely regularly (No
> >> excuse for not being up todate :-) but a little over the top!) If I
> >> remove it from cron, do I need to execute it as a boot script or will
> >> just starting MS do that for me?
> >>
> > On an rpm distribution it just drops a file into /etc/cron.hourly.  There
> > should be a run-parts line in /etc/crontab which checks the cron.hourly
> > directory hourly and runs the files within.
> >
>It's not a problem getting it to run from cron but I set it to run at 39
>minutes passed the hour and in the logs it shows that it runs then and at
>the top of each hour (Not as per cron, I haven't updated to the latest
>release yet, it's not in the BSD ports yet). I assumed that this was
>brought about by the script auto running following the cron job running

My RPM distributions just put the script in /etc/cron.hourly so that the
root crontab runs it once per hour. I can only assume that BSD might have a
similar setup, and you also have put it in your root crontab as well. It
doesn't "auto run", I'm not quite sure what you mean by that.

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