4.28.x = more spam?

Pete pete at eatathome.com.au
Thu Mar 4 13:48:48 GMT 2004

Jeff Earickson wrote:

>   This may be coincidence, but I've noticed a big uptick
>in spam to my personal mailbox since going to 4.28.x (4 now).
>I've done a "spamassassin -D --lint" and looked at the output;
>nothing unusual there.  What would the equivalent by-hand
>SA command be for what MS does internally?  Is
>"spamassassin -p /etc/mail/spamassassin -D --lint" equivalent,
>or would there be more arguments?  This deserves an entry in
>the FAQ.
>Jeff Earickson
>Colby College
spamassassin -D --prefs-file=/etc/MailScanner/spam.assassin.prefs.conf

You can possibly do it other ways, but this is what i have picked up
reading the list.


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