Remove Bounce Option?

Holger Gebhard gebhard at EPOST.DE
Mon Jan 26 15:11:27 GMT 2004

>> In my Company there are many "Novice" Users...
>> With the Bounce Option the Users only sometimes ask me why a Message
>> is being blocked.
>> But when I use the notify Reciptient option, the Users will always
>> ask me about every Notification Message... "It could be an important
>> message"

> Then whitelist your internal mail servers, so that your outgoing mail is
> never marked as spam,

Already done...

> and/or refine your rulesets and scores so that you
> don't get false positives.

You can never be shure that no Mail is falsely trapped as
Spam (For example: erroneously listet on an RBL-List for only one day).

> One useful tip that worked well for me -
> create SpamAssassin rules to apply negative scores where the name of your
> products are mentioned (great unless you happen to make viagra...)

Great Idea... I will keep in mind

>> So please don´t remove the Bounce Option!!!!

> On the contrary, removing the bounce option is the best thing ever.  I've
> recently been the victim of some spammer using my email address as
> the 'sender' address - every day I have hundreds on bounces in my mailbox
> for mails I never sent.

That´s partly correct...
The Spammers also search for mailadresses in newsgroups, websites, etc.
When you send a bounce message, send the bounce with another mailadress,
not with your private... For example, create a new mailbox and use
bounce at instead.

> Anything that potentially reduces  this is good in my book.

But in future you, or your users will have much more "short text
notification messages" in the Mailbox instead of Bounce-Messages...
To be sure you have realy NO false positives, all users must read all of
this messages!
Because no sender is warned that his message is trapped as spam, and maybe
deleted... So the sender thinks the message would have arrived.

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