ANNOUNCE: Unstable 4.26.5 released

Derek Winkler dwinkler at ALGORITHMICS.COM
Mon Jan 26 14:04:49 GMT 2004

I do this already by reading the qf files directly, no need to read log
files at all. Future enhancement may read the log file to get the score and
tests to include on the report.

Read the qf files on each mail relay, create a csv file in the web

Central server picks these up.

Send an email to each of the users with the From, Subject and how many
recipients and a link to send the email. Report only includes last 3 days of
emails, last 60 days kept on server, this keeps the emails short but allows
for someone going on a long vacation.

Uses MD5 hashes of the qf files to prevent randomly grabbing emails, not
perfect but at least I didn't have to set up yet another userid and

No modifications needed to MailScanner.

I like reading the qf files since I'm seeing what's actually there not what
the log files say is there.

Only took about a few days to create and setup.

Digests of this type have been discussed on the list before.

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The script that processes the log would be entirely separate from
MailScanner of course, like antivirus updates, generating whitelists etc.

I think I'm just talking about a patch to the logging that MS already
does to log recipient, subject and msg id for low scoring spam to
support this. I'll post it for others if I get it working. I haven't
looked at the code yet, so I'm not sure those things are even available
in that part of the process. If anyone else has already done this,
please chime in.

Ken Anderson

Peter Bonivart wrote:

> Ken Anderson wrote:
>> The notify function is probably not appropriate for this, but it got me
>> thinking again that it would be nice to have a daily email sent to users
>> who can scan a list of emails that MailScanner has quarantined.
> In my humble opinion, MS is a real-time system. All kinds of summaries
> are better done with other tools, like MailWatch for example. Shouldn't
> be too hard to do your own script either, if you ask on the list someone
> probably will share an already existing one.
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