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Thu Jan 22 08:44:24 GMT 2004

At 03:37 22/01/2004, you wrote:
>Let me explain.  Our company (like most) has an "acceptable use policy" or
>AUP.  This, among many other things, says our e-mail system is for business
>realated purposes only.  Over the last 18 months we've beeing using
>SpamAssassin, we've accumulated a good stock of "private" mail addresses
>the users didn't want being flagged as spam.  This situation was fine until
>the emergence of the dreaded AUP in the last 3 months or so.
>Now HR and senior IT Ops people want to know if it's possible to alert users
>(and naturally form an audit trail) that their mail doesn't comply with the
>AUP.  Basically move all those "private" mail addresses "somewhere" that
>will add a "X-Foo-Corp-AUP: VIOLATION" header and a subject rewrite to the
>same effect.
>I can only think of two ways this "might" be possible:
>1. run a  separate spamassassin instance (spamd + milter) that ONLY uses the
>"private" addresses rules and adds the header and modifies the subject etc.
>2. Use the MCP filter.
>The 1st option is ugly and would involve using milter etc, but I figured
>MailScanner's MCP is an isolated SpamAssassin instance and would be far
>more elegant.  *BUT* can I specify a custom header/subject modifier for
>messages caught with MCP??

In MailScanner.conf you have

MCP Header = X-MailScanner-MCPCheck:

(among other things) and in languages.conf you have

MCPnotspam = MCP-Clean
MCPspam = MCP-Trapped

Between them you should be able to do what you want.

MCP Header = X-Foo-Corp-AUP:

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