MCP - different "inappropriate" mail flag?

James Gray james at
Thu Jan 22 03:37:02 GMT 2004

Let me explain.  Our company (like most) has an "acceptable use policy" or
AUP.  This, among many other things, says our e-mail system is for business
realated purposes only.  Over the last 18 months we've beeing using
SpamAssassin, we've accumulated a good stock of "private" mail addresses
the users didn't want being flagged as spam.  This situation was fine until
the emergence of the dreaded AUP in the last 3 months or so.

Now HR and senior IT Ops people want to know if it's possible to alert users
(and naturally form an audit trail) that their mail doesn't comply with the
AUP.  Basically move all those "private" mail addresses "somewhere" that
will add a "X-Foo-Corp-AUP: VIOLATION" header and a subject rewrite to the
same effect.

I can only think of two ways this "might" be possible:

1. run a  separate spamassassin instance (spamd + milter) that ONLY uses the
"private" addresses rules and adds the header and modifies the subject etc.

2. Use the MCP filter.

The 1st option is ugly and would involve using milter etc, but I figured
MailScanner's MCP is an isolated SpamAssassin instance and would be far
more elegant.  *BUT* can I specify a custom header/subject modifier for
messages caught with MCP??

Any other ideas??

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In most countries selling harmful things like drugs is punishable.
Then howcome people can sell Microsoft software and go unpunished?
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