Still getting duplicate mails!

Neil Robst neilrobst at ALM.ORG.UK
Wed Jan 21 11:41:04 GMT 2004

On Wed, 2004-01-21 at 11:36, Drew Marshall wrote:
> Neil Robst said:
> > Kevin - you have have given me the pointers I needed. I got some of my
> > users to forward the duplicated mails to me and it seems like they all
> > have the same X-UIDL header.
> >
> > Also, the other interesting this is that, as per my other post to this
> > list on this topic in reply to Drew, some mails are not going through
> > MailScanner and yet still appear to be being duplicated. Thus this
> > indicates probably a client software (OE!) issue, rather than
> > MailScanner. When we migrate a client to the new mail system we are also
> > moving them to IMAP (from POP3) and Outlook 2000.
> Outlook doesn't support IMAP very well (IMHO) you would be better off
> looking at some thing like Thunderbird which supports IMAP
> much better.
> >
My users are very non-technical and they are all very used to Outlook
Express. Therefore I want to take one step at a time and move them to
Outlook as it is fairly similiar to OE and thus the learning curve will
be fairly flat.

However, I have users on Apple Mac's who may use other software and at
the end of the day I want to create a system that does care what the end
users uses to send/receive mail. As long as it's virus and spam scanned,
that's all I'm really bothered about


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