Still getting duplicate mails!

Chris Yuzik chris at FRACTALWEB.COM
Wed Jan 21 17:23:45 GMT 2004

Neil Robst wrote:

>On Wed, 2004-01-21 at 11:36, Drew Marshall wrote:
>>Neil Robst said:
>>>Kevin - you have have given me the pointers I needed. I got some of my
>>>users to forward the duplicated mails to me and it seems like they all
>>>have the same X-UIDL header.
>>>Also, the other interesting this is that, as per my other post to this
>>>list on this topic in reply to Drew, some mails are not going through
>>>MailScanner and yet still appear to be being duplicated. Thus this
>>>indicates probably a client software (OE!) issue, rather than
>>>MailScanner. When we migrate a client to the new mail system we are also
>>>moving them to IMAP (from POP3) and Outlook 2000.
>>Outlook doesn't support IMAP very well (IMHO) you would be better off
>>looking at some thing like Thunderbird which supports IMAP
>>much better.
>My users are very non-technical and they are all very used to Outlook
>Express. Therefore I want to take one step at a time and move them to
>Outlook as it is fairly similiar to OE and thus the learning curve will
>be fairly flat.
>However, I have users on Apple Mac's who may use other software and at
>the end of the day I want to create a system that does care what the end
>users uses to send/receive mail. As long as it's virus and spam scanned,
>that's all I'm really bothered about

I second the motion to switch your users away from OE and move them over
to Mozilla Thunderbird. If you haven't tried the latest iteration of
this excellent mail client, then you need to asap. It seems to cover
most, if not all, of the vulnerabilities that OE and Outlook exhibit.
The interface is far more intuitive than OE ever was. I think vurtually
all of your users will be up and running on Thunderbird (or Mozilla
Mail) in minutes.


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