Still getting duplicate mails!

Neil Robst neilrobst at ALM.ORG.UK
Wed Jan 21 11:25:10 GMT 2004

Kevin - you have have given me the pointers I needed. I got some of my
users to forward the duplicated mails to me and it seems like they all
have the same X-UIDL header.

Also, the other interesting this is that, as per my other post to this
list on this topic in reply to Drew, some mails are not going through
MailScanner and yet still appear to be being duplicated. Thus this
indicates probably a client software (OE!) issue, rather than
MailScanner. When we migrate a client to the new mail system we are also
moving them to IMAP (from POP3) and Outlook 2000.

So, it looks as though I was unfairly blaming MailScanner/Postfix for
this for which I humbly apologise to you, Julian :-)


On Wed, 2004-01-21 at 09:32, Spicer, Kevin wrote:
> Neil Robst wrote:
> > I've never seen any entires in the log file that suggest that mail is
> > being duplicated here... it's very strange. Can anyone suggest
> > anything else I can do?
> Have you checked the headers of the mails to see whether there are any clues there (such as do they have the same messageid,. Do the recieved headers give any hint as to which point the mail is being split?

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