Still getting duplicate mails!

Neil Robst neilrobst at ALM.ORG.UK
Wed Jan 21 10:16:50 GMT 2004

Hi Drew,

Thanks for your reply again! I was going through the log trying to cut
out any info that I didn't think was relevant when I got a couple of
mails forwarded onto me by one of my users. The full headers where in
these emails at last and I was able to see something very interesting.

I'd just sent a mail to all my users saying apologies for this duplicate
mail issue and can you forward on some of the duplicate mails including
the headers so I can check them. However, because I use several email
accounts - personal, work and so on - this mail didn't go through
MailScanner. I'm partway through migrating my users from an old
Windows-based mail solution that has caused them lots of headaches with
viruses and has no spam protection. Some of my users therefore are
behind the mailscanner gateway whilst others are not.

Thus, even though my mail to some of my users didn't go through
mailscanner, but instead went through the Window system, they still
received duplicate mails! Therefore, in my opinion this is a mail client
issue as opposed to mailscanner/postfix!

(Did all that make sense!)

So, my slightly-dented faith in MailScanner is now restored!!! and I'm
going to try some things on the client to resolve this...

Will let you know.


On Wed, 2004-01-21 at 09:55, Drew Marshall wrote:
> Can you also post the section of the log that relates to this?
> Drew
> Neil Robst said:
> > No... it's made a little difficult in that I'm based at a different site
> > to my users. I'll try to get them to forward me some of their duplicated
> > messages though in order to check this out.
> >
> > Regards,
> > Neil
> >
> > On Wed, 2004-01-21 at 09:32, Spicer, Kevin wrote:
> >> Neil Robst wrote:
> >> > I've never seen any entires in the log file that suggest that mail is
> >> > being duplicated here... it's very strange. Can anyone suggest
> >> > anything else I can do?
> >>
> >> Have you checked the headers of the mails to see whether there are any
> >> clues there (such as do they have the same messageid,. Do the recieved
> >> headers give any hint as to which point the mail is being split?
> >
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