Listing MailScanner on Sourceforge and the OpenProtect softwa re project

Matthew Day Matthew.Day at BUCKINGHAM.AC.UK
Mon Jan 19 19:21:06 GMT 2004

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> From: Tristan Rhodes [mailto:tristanr at CI.GRANDJCT.CO.US]
> Sent: 19 January 2004 17:21
> Subject: Listing MailScanner on Sourceforge and the
> OpenProtect software
> project
> Greetings,
> I apologize for posting these topics a second time, but I
> didn't receive any responses the first time.  I can
> understand that the topics may not be worthy of a reply, but
> I thought people on this list would be interested in
> discussing a software package that incorporates MailScanner,
> Kaspersky Anti-Virus and Clam Anti-Virus, and SpamAssassin.
> I have not installed OpenProtect (already have MailScanner
> working), but here are some quotes from the documentation.
> "MTA's supported are: Sendmail, Postfix, Exim and Qmail" (Did
> they get Qmail to work with MailScanner?  It is not
> officially supported)
> "Run the script openprotect-install in the package directory
> and answer the questions. The script should take care of the
> installation by itself."
> "The install script does the following:
> 1)Installs Kaspersky Version 5
> 2)Installs ClamAV Version 0.65
> 3)Installs perl modules needed by MailScanner
> 4)Installs SpamAssassin and perl modules needed by SpamAssassin
> 5)Installs MailScanner
> 6)Installs the OpenSupport package
> 7)Configures MTA Dependent MailScanner configurations
> 8)Configures MTA Independent MailScanner configurations
> 9)Stops your MTA and starts the MTA along with filter modules "
> Secondly, is there a reason that MailScanner is not posted on
> SourceForge?  I believe it would greatly increase the
> audience of MailScanner, and be highly beneficial to the
> project overall (more users).  I have created a project on
> SourceForge and it is painless.  Any thoughts on this?
> Tristan Rhodes


__I know mine isn't the usual scenario__ but coming to MailScanner from a
Windows background, I found the current MS install gives pretty much the
perfect balance between ease of use and shooting-self-in-foot avoidance.

The installation was simple and automated enough for a Linux newbie to do in
a relaxed evening's work (starting at taking the server out of the box and
ending with configuring AV scanning, adding custom SA rules and customising
the default spam handling behaviour and user alert messages) but it did
require me to find out a bit about what I was doing. For example, to learn
enough about Sendmail to configure the server to relay to my test lab
One particular strong point of the MailScanner installation was that it told
me when required packages were missing, a quick Google told me how to add

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