Listing MailScanner on Sourceforge and the OpenProtect softwa re project

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Mon Jan 19 19:41:32 GMT 2004

Matthew Day wrote:

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>>Subject: Listing MailScanner on Sourceforge and the
>>OpenProtect software
>>I apologize for posting these topics a second time, but I
>>didn't receive any responses the first time.  I can
>>understand that the topics may not be worthy of a reply, but
>>I thought people on this list would be interested in
>>discussing a software package that incorporates MailScanner,
>>Kaspersky Anti-Virus and Clam Anti-Virus, and SpamAssassin.
>>I have not installed OpenProtect (already have MailScanner
>>working), but here are some quotes from the documentation.
>>"MTA's supported are: Sendmail, Postfix, Exim and Qmail" (Did
>>they get Qmail to work with MailScanner?  It is not
>>officially supported)
>>"Run the script openprotect-install in the package directory
>>and answer the questions. The script should take care of the
>>installation by itself."
>>"The install script does the following:
>>1)Installs Kaspersky Version 5
>>2)Installs ClamAV Version 0.65
>>3)Installs perl modules needed by MailScanner
>>4)Installs SpamAssassin and perl modules needed by SpamAssassin
>>5)Installs MailScanner
>>6)Installs the OpenSupport package
>>7)Configures MTA Dependent MailScanner configurations
>>8)Configures MTA Independent MailScanner configurations
>>9)Stops your MTA and starts the MTA along with filter modules "
>>Secondly, is there a reason that MailScanner is not posted on
>>SourceForge?  I believe it would greatly increase the
>>audience of MailScanner, and be highly beneficial to the
>>project overall (more users).  I have created a project on
>>SourceForge and it is painless.  Any thoughts on this?
>>Tristan Rhodes
>__I know mine isn't the usual scenario__ but coming to MailScanner from a
>Windows background, I found the current MS install gives pretty much the
>perfect balance between ease of use and shooting-self-in-foot avoidance.
>The installation was simple and automated enough for a Linux newbie to do in
>a relaxed evening's work (starting at taking the server out of the box and
>ending with configuring AV scanning, adding custom SA rules and customising
>the default spam handling behaviour and user alert messages) but it did
>require me to find out a bit about what I was doing. For example, to learn
>enough about Sendmail to configure the server to relay to my test lab
>One particular strong point of the MailScanner installation was that it told
>me when required packages were missing, a quick Google told me how to add
>From my Windows background of 1000-page instruction manuals I'd have liked
>to see more detailed documentation (yes, I've checked the mailing list
>archives, read the FAQs etc - I just like having stuff laid out in one place
>(read "am lazy")).
>(Julian - if you'd be interested in having a complete MS newbie draft a
>for-idiots-by-an-idiot guide I'd be happy to get involved).

FSL is working on that already.  You could be another proofreader maybe.

>I still wouldn't be confident enough to setup MailScanner in a production
>environment myself (I've got for that) but isn't that the point - I
>didn't just learn new stuff, I also got a better feel for what I don't know.
Yep, I like that too.

>I've spent enough time in the Windows world of "plug it in and turn it on
>straight out of the box without understanding how it works" to have
>developed a healthy fear of this approach. I won't bore anyone with the
>horror stories, I've a feeling I'd be preaching to the converted ;)
I think that MailScanner is different from any Windows App, first
because you have total control over the setting using plain-text files,
instead of a point-and-click approach.

To learn more about how it works, just stay tuned on this list, you'll
have a very good understanding in a few weeks.

>Matthew Day
>University of Buckingham

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