Listing MailScanner on Sourceforge and the OpenProtect software project

Tristan Rhodes tristanr at CI.GRANDJCT.CO.US
Mon Jan 19 19:19:17 GMT 2004


>Yes, they have written their own qmail support. I don't know any more about
>it than you do. Does someone feel inclined to test it out and report back
>with their experiences please?

I will try to drudge up an unused PC to give OpenProtect a try.  I see that Ugo has installed it on Fedora with no problems.  I am on their mailing list and they just released a new version last week.  Changes include:

*Support for *BSD style init scripts added
*Fixed init problem in Linux Systems like Slackware, Gentoo
*Fixed init problem in *BSD Systems like FreeBSD, OpenBSd, NetBSD, etc
*Fixed RH 6.2 init bug
*Fixed Perl 5.005 missing header files needed for HTML-Parser
*Fixed problem, if qmail is not installed at /var/qmail, by recompiling the qmail-queue binary
*Added all the languages supported in MailScanner 4.24-15
*Fixed Clamav's /var/lib/clamav permission
*Fixed GCC, PERL, GLIBC and KERNEL version checking bug
*Added a DEFAULTS file for stating the default settings 
*Added a THANKS file for crediting those who helped in bug fixing and
suggesting new features

>Yes, I must get around to it. I'll try to remember to do it tomorrow. I
>don't want to host any content on SourceForge, I just want the bare project
>details posted there.

That is great!  You do not have to host with Sourceforge, you can configure it point to your current MailScanner site.  I would recommend adding a link to the Sourceforge logo on your footer.  It acts as a counter, and will allow MailScanner to climb to the top of popular projects, where it will garner even more attention.  If have any questions about SourceForge I will do my best to answer them.

Tristan Rhodes

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