How do i prevent this? {Scanned}

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Fri Jan 16 21:39:40 GMT 2004

Hello Matt,

Apparently SpamAssassin considers a legit
antispam source,  personally I have never heard of them.

Shouldn't he also report the spam to

 Friday, January 16, 2004, you wrote:

MK> At 04:14 PM 1/16/2004, SW wrote:
>>Thanks to all for the help everyone has offered in the past!!! But, I'm
>>trying to figure out why the following spam e-mail is still coming through.
>>I have disabled 'Bayes' per the request of Julian (Thank you for all of your
>>help, Julian) which was getting poisned. I have added all the available rbls
>>(non-paying ones) to my Mailscanner.conf file and I'm just wondering what is
>>causing the e-mail to get a negative score?

MK>   HABEAS_SWE scores -8.0 in the default config and a spammer is abusing it.

MK> I'd suggest the following short-term fix for the SWE problem:

MK> score HABEAS_SWE -0.5

MK> (or just set it to 0.. I personally keep mine on so I can monitor it)

MK> You might also want to look at my new antidrug add-on ruleset, which
MK> heavily targets pill spammers:

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