How do i prevent this? {Scanned}

Matt Kettler mkettler at EVI-INC.COM
Fri Jan 16 21:52:57 GMT 2004

At 04:39 PM 1/16/2004, NTIN Page Guy wrote:
>Apparently SpamAssassin considers a legit
>antispam source,  personally I have never heard of them.

Surprised you've never heard of them.. Particularly considering the
HUNDREDS of posts on the topic this week between here and
spamassassin-talk. (I counted over 120 a few days ago for sa-talk alone).

I also consider them legit, but they are, and always been, vulnerable to
forgery... However, forgery is a copyright violation, making the spammer a
much easier legal target.. It's almost like a bait and trap type system.

Not really worth re-hashing all this over again in this thread though. Read
the existing threads, they pretty much debate every strength, weakness, and
feature of SWE dozens of time over.

>Shouldn't he also report the spam to

Yes. Habeas has issued a statement about this spammer, asking for people to
submit abusive spams so they can work on listing all the spam trojan boxes
he's using in the HIL, and to assist them in tracking the guy down.

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