Still having some problems with queue

Chris cwharris at MORGAN.NET
Mon Jan 12 21:41:16 GMT 2004

The queue is on the same disk.

I am not checking any RBL's.

I do however have Razor, DCC and Pyzor installed.

Not sure what Softupdates is.

if I do top it looks like this:

CPU states: 53.9% user,  0.0% nice, 21.3% system,  0.8% interrupt, 24.0%
Mem: 215M Active, 141M Inact, 109M Wired, 23M Cache, 61M Buf, 14M Free
Swap: 1008M Total, 12M Used, 996M Free, 1% Inuse

Comp is a Pentium 4 2.53GHz

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Subject: Re: Still having some problems with queue
> about to head off home, so just a few things to consider...
> have you got the mail queue dir's on a separate disk?
> have you checked the RBL's, and made sure non of them are timing out?
> What RBL's are you running?
> have you got softupdates configured on the file system with the message
> queue and MailScanner working directory.
> How much memory have you got, and how much swap are you running? (top
> will show how much is being used). What CPU is running on the system,
> and is the load showing above high when you get these backlogs?
> It really sounds like something is slowing the system down, is there
> anything in the maillog to indicate this? have you checked the SA files
> with --lint?
> What happens if you run MailScanner in debug mode, any indications of
> slow down/timeouts there..
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