Still having some problems with queue

Martin Hepworth martinh at SOLID-STATE-LOGIC.COM
Mon Jan 12 17:52:38 GMT 2004

Chris wrote:
> Ok just so I dont forget...
> Im running FreeBSD 4.6 with Sendmail 8.12.3 , MailScanner 4.20 , and SA
> 2.61.
> For some reason my queue keeps getting backed up. Yesterday I took 60,000+
> messages out of and got it below 2000 messages and it caught up
> fine. this morning I took 1000 messages and put them in the queue, and now
> it has gone from 1000 messages up to 3500 messages. Should I mess with any
> of the MailScanner.conf settings to see if I can make it process the queue
> faster? Im sorry if there is a simple answer to this that Im overlooking but
> I'm still new to MailScanner and can't seem to fix this.
> Chris

about to head off home, so just a few things to consider...

have you got the mail queue dir's on a separate disk?

have you checked the RBL's, and made sure non of them are timing out?
What RBL's are you running?

have you got softupdates configured on the file system with the message
queue and MailScanner working directory.

How much memory have you got, and how much swap are you running? (top
will show how much is being used). What CPU is running on the system,
and is the load showing above high when you get these backlogs?

It really sounds like something is slowing the system down, is there
anything in the maillog to indicate this? have you checked the SA files
with --lint?

What happens if you run MailScanner in debug mode, any indications of
slow down/timeouts there..

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