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Mon Jan 12 17:53:30 GMT 2004

At 17:42 12/01/2004, you wrote:
>Ok just so I dont forget...
>Im running FreeBSD 4.6 with Sendmail 8.12.3 , MailScanner 4.20 , and SA
>For some reason my queue keeps getting backed up. Yesterday I took 60,000+
>messages out of and got it below 2000 messages and it caught up
>fine. this morning I took 1000 messages and put them in the queue, and now
>it has gone from 1000 messages up to 3500 messages. Should I mess with any
>of the MailScanner.conf settings to see if I can make it process the queue
>faster? Im sorry if there is a simple answer to this that Im overlooking but
>I'm still new to MailScanner and can't seem to fix this.

Try disabling various things:
1) SpamAssassin
2) "Spam List" setting
3) All the HTML tag tests. Set them all to "yes" except for the HTML tag
logging options which you should set to "no"
4) Reduce "Max SpamAssassin Size" to 20000 or so
5) Try setting "SuperSafe" to false in your
6) Try switching to an operating system that has tmpfs (I appreciate this
is non-trivial)
7) Try a newer version of MailScanner (4.24-5 or newer) as this has an
automatic accelerated "queue clearing mode" which will make it behave a lot
better with large queues

Do 7 first, and see if it helps. After that try 4,1,2,3. Then 5 and finally
6 if you still can't make it run fast enough.
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