whitelist options in SA user_prefs not being obeyed?

David Gibbs david at MIDRANGE.COM
Mon Jan 12 00:09:47 GMT 2004

> SA user_prefs files in individual people's home directories are not
> consulted by MailScanner, as it doesn't know nor care where the mail is
> going or how to map an email address onto a user's home dir. You can only
> do that for local email accounts and even then only at the delivery stage,
> which means MailScanner would have to be involved in mail delivery which I
> am not prepared to do (lots of other people have implemented local mail
> delivery already).

Um, then what is the "SpamAssassin User State Dir" setting for?

 From the comments in the config file, I gathered that ~/.spamassassin
is consulted as well as the directories identified in this setting.


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