IE URL vulnerability exploits have begun

Chris Yuzik chris at FRACTALWEB.COM
Mon Jan 12 19:20:41 GMT 2004

Kevin Spicer wrote:

>Actually APNIC is the registrar for that netblock,  by searching APNIC's
>whois database you find that this address is part of a netblock further
>delegated to TWNIC (taiwan Network Information Centre).  Searching
>further through APNIC's and TWNICS whois databases you find the IP is
>owned by....
>Lu Pen Technology Co., Ltd.
>   No. 101-10, Shenduen Li, Juenli City, Taoyung
>   Taoyung
>   TW
>   Netname: LU-PEN-TECHN-TY-NET
>   Netblock:

Now that's some great sleuthing. :-)

The site seems to be shut down, fortunately.


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