whitelist options in SA user_prefs not being obeyed?

Antony Stone Antony at SOFT-SOLUTIONS.CO.UK
Mon Jan 12 00:25:51 GMT 2004

On Monday 12 January 2004 12:09 am, David Gibbs wrote:

> > SA user_prefs files in individual people's home directories are not
> > consulted by MailScanner, as it doesn't know nor care where the mail is
> > going or how to map an email address onto a user's home dir. You can only
> > do that for local email accounts and even then only at the delivery
> > stage, which means MailScanner would have to be involved in mail delivery
> > which I am not prepared to do (lots of other people have implemented
> > local mail delivery already).
> Um, then what is the "SpamAssassin User State Dir" setting for?

This is the diurectory where SpamAssassin should store its state information
for things like the Bayes database.   It avoids having them pile up somewhere
unhelpful such as /root or /home/smmsp.

Note that only one directory can be specified, therefore it does not apply for
each user on the system; there is only one setting.

>  From the comments in the config file, I gathered that ~/.spamassassin
> is consulted as well as the directories identified in this setting.

This is correct, for certain restricted values of ~ :-)

Specifically, ~ here refers to the home directory of the mail user (which is
why this section of the config file's comments keep referring to the postfix
user, as this is another of the odd quirks of postfix which make it different
from other MTAs).   ~ does not refer to each user on the machine.

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