Not Virus Scanning Some Domains

Spicer, Kevin Kevin.Spicer at BMRB.CO.UK
Fri Jan 9 14:04:45 GMT 2004

Kyle Harris wrote:
> Ya, could be I am misunderstanding that statement, but if that is the
> case, what is the purpose of the following FAQ?

To disable filename checking for specified domains (which to be fair is a question that is fairly frequently asked) 

> When Virus Scanning is turned off, MailScanner does not enter
> {Scanned} at the beginning of each message subject even if you have
> it configured to do so (turning virus scanning on immediately
> remedies that problem), nor does it do the other file attachment
> checks.  That is as of version 4.24-5.  I am looking for a way to
> turn virus scanning off for some domains (again, as previously stated
> that is easy enough by using a rule) however I still wish to have ALL
> other features of MailScanner available.  Currently that doesn't seem
> to be possible?  I was hoping that was what the above mentioned FAQ
> was attempting to do. 

You want to enter prefix "(Scanned)" even to messages that haven't been???

I guess you could achieve a similar effect (unless server load is a worry) by actually scanning every message, but then using rulesets to control what happens when a virus is found (e.g. deliver it anyway).

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