Minor Mailscanner problem

Chris Yuzik chris at FRACTALWEB.COM
Thu Jan 8 17:23:18 GMT 2004

Mark Warpool wrote:

>I have a RH9 Linux box running the latest versions of MailScanner and
>SpamAssassin.  For the most part, works great.  I have one minor issue;
>I have Low Scoring Spam set to deliver a bounce message.  But since most
>spam has fake or permanently full mailboxes (or some other silly error),
>I get a lot of bounce messages returned to me.  But I don't think it's
>ALL of them.
>Does any one have any suggestion as to how to stop this.  I have my
>Outlook set to just delete them, but I hear that new mail chime going
>about every minute or so and it's kind of annoying.
>Mark Warpool
>Benchmark Technologies Corp

Don't bounce spam. Once upon a time, it was perhaps good practice. Since
you admit "most spam has fake ... mailboxes" you're likely filling up
the inbox of some innocent person whose email address was used by the


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