Minor Mailscanner problem

Antony Stone Antony at SOFT-SOLUTIONS.CO.UK
Thu Jan 8 17:26:43 GMT 2004

On Thursday 08 January 2004 5:09 pm, Mark Warpool wrote:

> I have a RH9 Linux box running the latest versions of MailScanner and
> SpamAssassin.  For the most part, works great.  I have one minor issue;
> I have Low Scoring Spam set to deliver a bounce message.  But since most
> spam has fake or permanently full mailboxes (or some other silly error),
> I get a lot of bounce messages returned to me.  But I don't think it's
> ALL of them.
> Does any one have any suggestion as to how to stop this.

Sure.   Don't bounce spam.

Unless you have an awful lot of false positives (ham which is getting marked
as spam, in which case you should adjust your score threshold), the small
number of inappropriately spam-detected emails which don't get bounced are an
acceptable price to pay for the large quantity of genuine spam which is
detected and discarded without attempting to bounce it.


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